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Hi, I'm Elizabeth Olujimi, the Thriving Coach.
Welcome to my blog page.
You will find articles on various topics which include:
Mindset, Wellbeing, Personal Development, Pursuing Your Dreams etc.
This blog will also include all my published articles. 
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As published by Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA Magazine June 2021 Edition
Your Dreams Can Come Alive
By Elizabeth Olujimi

Often as children we have unlimited dreams, dreams that are daring, dreams that are courageous, dreams that stretch our imagination. Unfortunately, as we grow older and encounter different life experiences, it seems we either stop dreaming or we allow our current reality to stop us from pursuing our dreams. 

As you read this, allow your mind to embark on a journey of possibilities. If you had no limitations, what would your dream job be? What would your dream business look like? What would your dream family look like? What would your dream life look like? Be as specific as you can be and paint the picture in your imagination. Now take it a step further and write it out or make a vision board. How does your life today compare to the future your desire aka, your dream?

It is one thing to have dreams but do not let it stop there, you need to take it beyond that and think about some small actions that you can start taking to make your dreams a reality. Your dreams will not just happen, you need to do something. The journey towards your dreams will not always be smooth, that is the reality of life, but you should be determined to act regardless of the obstacles and limitations. Any dreams worth pursuing will always come at a cost, they might cost you your time, money, or relationships; this will be painful, but you must pursue with the end in mind. 

The option of leaving your dreams on a shelf, in a journal or a vision board somewhere is not an option because your dreams are part of your legacy, as you pursue your dreams and live out your dreams, you impact the world around you. Your dreams could be the miracle that someone is waiting for. Your dreams could be the answer to someone’s prayer. Your dreams will reveal to the world an aspect of who you are, and they will be your imprint on the world.

It is easy to formulate a list of excuses as to why you should not pursue your dreams however, there is purpose to your dreams. You might think, what if I fail, what if nobody likes my ideas but to the contrary, what if you succeed, what if the people around you think they are fantastic ideas? The truth is, you will never know until you start acting on them. Pursuing your dreams starts from a place of belief, believing in your dreams, believing that you have what it takes. When you believe in your dreams, you start to value them, and you realise that they are worth bringing to life. 

Yes, your dreams are your responsibility, but they will stretch you beyond yourself so do not be shy to reach out for support from the people around you. You have the power to breathe life into your dreams, wake up and take responsibility of bringing your dreams to life.  

As published by Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA Magazine
July 2021 Edition 
You Are Valuable, Yes You!
By Elizabeth Olujimi

When you gaze into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see yourself just as you are, or do you see yourself through a filter? As we go through life, we tend to adopt filters that can affect the value we see in ourselves.  These filters can be a result of things we have experienced, heard, or seen. Sometimes we can also see ourselves through a filter of our dreams or desires such that when we look in the mirror, we do not see where we are coming from but rather where we are going.  

As you read this, reflect on the filters that you are seeing yourself through. Do they paint you in a negative or positive light? You might have been through traumatic experiences or devastating failures that left an imprint on you, as a result, you are now seeing yourself through the filter of those experiences. Your experiences can shape you, but they do not define you or determine your value. People might label you based on the experiences you have been through but that does not define your value.  

When you see yourself through a filter, it covers up your uniqueness however, there is nobody on this earth that is the same as you. That means you are unique in your own way. Your story is unique, your personality is unique, what you carry is unique, your voice is unique. There are somethings that you can do, people you can serve that nobody else can. Filters can make us compare ourselves to others and when we fall into that trap, we are automatically embracing the narrative that our uniqueness is not valuable. Do not see your uniqueness as a limitation, see it as something to build on.  

How you see yourself is particularly important, it can determine several factors in your life. If you see yourself as a person of no value, that is how you will present yourself to the world around you. It will determine your attitude, your decisions, and your actions. It will also have impact on your confidence level and the self-talk going on in your mind. On the contrary, if you see yourself as a person of value, it will be evident in the way you carry yourself, and you will naturally want to add value to others.  

We all experience different situations in life but regardless of what we have been through, we should not allow life’s experiences to rob us of our value. In addition to that, what you believe about your value is more important than what people say about you. Your value is not determined by the opinions of people, you determine your value.  As you read this, dare to believe that there is something of value on the inside of you and you matter to your tribe, to your community, to your world. So, know your value, own it and shine with it. 

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